Energy, Chemicals & Materials

Investment Banking

As provider of materials to a wide range of industrial activities, Energy, Chemical and Materials are central to every industry and has a

significant impact on the economy. Continuous research and global expansion has paved the way and opened up plethora of opportunities for business owners and providers of capital.

As a leading middle market investment bank for Energy, Chemicals and Materials, we provide strategic insights and an unmatched investment banking expertise.

Pantomath’s focus has been the counseling of its clients on acquisitions, stake sale of whole companies, products, or territorial subsidiaries, raising capital or exploring a synergistic merger opportunity.

Pantomath’s wide-ranging knowledge of, and experience in tndustry is used primarily to advise our client base with regard to Acquisitions and business combinations.

Key Sub Sectors


Commodity Chemicals, Diversified Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals

Fertilizers & Agricultural Chemicals

Industrial Gases


Oil & Gas Drilling, Oil & Gas Equipment & Services, Gas Exploration & Production, Oil & Oil & Gas Storage & Transportation

Coal & Consumable Fuels

Renewable Energy


Construction Materials

Metal & Glass Containers, Diversified Metals & Mining, Gold

Forest Products, Paper Packaging

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